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About Me

So on your wedding day, the supplier who you will spend most of the day with and probably get to know most is your wedding photographer so I think it's important that you know a few things about me.

Firstly Im not going to go on about how much I love seeing people in love and how I was born with a camera in my hand......yes I have read that rubbish on another photographers websites! No, just a little insight into my life.

Therefore who am I? I’m Nick, an award-winning documentary wedding photographer originally from Liverpool but now living just on the outskirts of Lincoln with my partner and two gorgeous but crazy kids Beth aged 7 & Pippa aged 4 who I love to bits but drive me up the wall sometimes!

So why wedding photography?

I have been into photography for just over 10 years firstly as a hobby and then a few years back I decided to turn that hobby into a paid career. I like to people watch (not in a creepy way) and that's exactly how I work when shooting weddings always trying to be one step ahead, thinking about what that person will do next and what moment might be created.

So when im not getting jobbed up by the missus and the kids are finally in bed I like to watch some awesome series on Netflix if I can stay awake that long. Im currently just watching Stranger Things 3 at the moment, if you haven't seen it then you definitely need to.

Im also a big fan of the outdoors and I love travelling, especially doing City Breaks with New York on top of my list.

Music-wise my missus would say im stuck in the '80s. Only because I love 80's and 90's heavy metal and rock music but I do also like a bit of dance music too, mainly trance! Ibiza was my favourite holiday destination......when I was single anyway!

So I would say my style of Wedding Photography is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be bossed about by a photographer or put into awkward poses but just wants to enjoy their day and have fun!

If you want to know how I work and what you can expect from me at your wedding, check out the FAQ page.